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Dead Men Talking - kings cross

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Henry Lawson (Max Cullen) and Banjo Paterson (Warren Fahey) are in the Leviticus Bar & Grill, Heaven's Gate, yarning about old times. They sing, recite and banter about their literary legacies and famed 'War of Words' in The Bulletin Magazine

"Cullen and Fahey craftly bring Australia's two legendary bards back to the centre stage with their joyful performance." 

Theatre and booking notes:

The Blood Moon Theatre is at the rear of The World Bar with entrance off Bayswater Road, three minutes from Kings Cross station. The play runs for around one hour fifteen without an interval. We made it an early evening show so you can consider a post-show meal in one of the many local eateries - we particularly like the choices in Llankelly Place.

The Blood Moon Theatre does have disabled access by arrangement.

The 70 seat theatre is up close and personal.

There is no reserved seating, however, if you were any closer you'd be sitting on the stage with Henry and Banjo. 

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